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Therapy Cows

Cow Cuddling for Therapy?

Cow cuddling is a therapeutic practice that involves spending time with cows in a calm and natural environment, often by cuddling or hugging them. This activity is believed by some to have positive effects on mental well-being, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. People who practice cow cuddling often find it to be a unique and enjoyable way to connect with animals and nature.

Our cutest, and by far, most popular staff members here at Twin Lakes Recovery Center are our pair of mini-cows, Maverick and Goose. After mooooving to Monroe from their birthplace in Buffalo, Illinois, the dynamic duo have settled in to life on the Lakes.

The therapy cows, born in November 2018, spend their day being tended to by clients who earn the privilege of being Maverick and Goose’s “people” for the week. The clients feed and brush the cows and get quiet time with them. In the afternoon, group sessions are held in the field, which is Maverick’s favorite part of the day. He pays close attention to the discussions and tries to join the group by snuggling into a client’s lap! Goose, on the other hand, quietly paces around the group, finds a client who seems to be struggling, and sits next to that person.


small tan and white long haired cow


Maverick is all about the humans, he loves giving kisses. Deep down, Maverick believes he is a lap cow. He is playful and energetic and always appears to be smiling. He gets excited when visitors come to the field and he runs to meet them at the fence.

Maverick loves life in general and thinks that humans are the best thing that ever happened to him.

Favorite thing to do: Snuggle with clients

very small brown long haired cow


Goose is a bit jumpier and more stand-offish than his brother Maverick, but Goose seems to know who needs his loving. He always approaches the clients who are struggling the most and sits with them.

Goose is cautious and takes his time, so he’s a great example of impulse control.

Favorite thing to do: Cuddle with Maverick in the sunshine

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