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friends who drink, What to Do If Your Friends Still Drink

What to Do If Your Friends Still Drink

A common challenge many individuals in recovery face is maintaining their sobriety while being around friends who continue to drink. Navigating old friendships while in recovery requires understanding your needs, communicating openly with your friends, and employing effective strategies to protect your...

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National Recovery Month

Raising Awareness During National Recovery Month

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSA) established National Recovery Month in 1989. This observance is held every September to raise public awareness surrounding mental health and addiction recovery issues. Raising awareness helps combat stigma, a major barrier for individuals...

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Setting boundaries, Recovery support, Self-care, Relapse prevention,

Setting Boundaries in Recovery

Recovery is a complex and challenging journey that requires not only a commitment to sobriety but also a deep understanding of your own needs and limitations. A crucial aspect of this process is setting boundaries, both for yourself and those around you....

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motivation during recovery

Losing Motivation? How to Get Back on Track

Losing motivation during recovery is a common experience, but it does not have to be a roadblock to progress. Understanding the reasons behind your loss of motivation and learning how to regain focus and stay encouraged can make a significant difference in...

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Don’t Let Negative Self-Talk Jeopardize Your Sobriety, Dangers of Negative Self-Talk, Positive Self-Talk in Recovery, Positive Self-Talk in Recovery, Self-Talk in Recovery

Don’t Let Negative Self-Talk Jeopardize Your Sobriety

Recovery from addiction is a courageous journey that requires determination and self-compassion. A common obstacle that can often jeopardize your sobriety is negative self-talk.  Self-talk refers to the thoughts and messages we tell ourselves throughout the day. It is an internal dialogue...

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Seeking Help, Anxiety and depression, Substance use and dual diagnosis, dual diagnosis

The Link Between Anxiety, Depression, and Addiction

Anxiety, depression, and addiction often coexist and create complex challenges for individuals. While each condition is unique, they frequently overlap, influencing and worsening one another. Understanding the link between anxiety, depression, and addiction is crucial for effective treatment and recovery.  Research has...

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