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most expensive drug addictions - drugs and money - twin lakes recovery centerAny addiction is expensive when we take into account the cost of the substance itself; the emotional toll it takes on loved ones; the cost of prison, jail, and fines; the cost of physical and mental health deterioration; and the cost of treatment. The most expensive habits to maintain financially are crack cocaine, cocaine, and heroin, although for differing reasons.

Opioid addiction is at an all- time high in our nation. Many people begin taking opioid-based prescription pain medications for medical reasons and become addicted. Buying OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin, and other pain medications on the street can cost more than $1.00 per gram. Most pills contain more than one gram, so this habit can get costly, which is why many switch over to heroin. The heroin high is initially stronger–and cheaper. Prices vary in different locations around the country, and also fluctuate according to the purity and type of heroin. A small packet of heroin generally costs between $5.00 and $10.00, and can give a high that lasts a few hours. This is cheaper than a six pack of beer or a bottle of wine. The problem is that heroin is highly addictive, and once a person develops dependence, the withdrawal symptoms of quitting heroin can be quite painful and frightening. So, $10 at a time, many people end up spending thousands to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay.

Crack cocaine and powder cocaine rank right up there with heroin. A rock of crack costs about $10 to $20. It produces a short-lived intense high. As soon as the person comes down, they want more.  The cheap $10 rock adds up quickly to hundreds and even thousands of dollars when the person chases a continual high. Powder cocaine is not much better. This also gives a short-lived high, and a very low low once it is stopped. It’s not uncommon for someone addicted to crack or cocaine to use hundreds of dollars worth of the substance in a few hours–and then to want more. Cocaine is an endless cycle of ups and downs that only ends when someone runs out of money, goes into a coma, or overdoses.

For both drugs, the high is continually chased in order to bypass the crash or sickness that comes from abruptly stopping. Both heroin and cocaine may initially seem not too expensive, but once a person develops tolerance and dependence, money flies fast as they seek to maintain their high. If someone you love is struggling with an addiction to heroin, cocaine, or any other illicit drug, call now to get help before they ruin their finances, and, more importantly, their life.

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