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Parke Guthner

Residential Program Manager

Parke is a retired Navy officer, retired government civilian, and recovering alcoholic.  He has been married to his trophy wife, Regina, for forty years.  They have three children and two dogs.
Parke is an alumnus of Twin Lakes Recovery Center and the Residential Program Manager.   In Parke’s words: “I enjoy working in recovery because I have a great life now.  I used to be a one-man wrecking crew, a creator of chaos all around me.  Now I have my family back, I have peace in my life and serenity.  My family not only loves me, but they like me.  I am pleasant to be around, and I want to help our clients get and hold onto what I have.  But most of all, working in recovery helps me remember what I have back, and I never want to lose that!”.