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Drug and Alcohol Intervention - intervention sign - twin lakes recovery center

Addiction Affects the Entire Family

Families and friends recognize the need for intervention when their addicted loved one displays extreme behaviors.

In fact, usually everyone except the addicted person knows that help is needed and that drastic measures are in order.

The most widely known intervention method is the Johnson method. The Johnson method is confrontational, coming as a complete surprise to the addicted person. The individuals involved arrange a meeting with the addicted person to plead with them to get help. The goal is to break the sense of denial and shock the individual into the reality of their addiction.

Often, the family/friends will have a planned speech to help the addicted person realize the impact of their disease. If executed according to Johnson’s initial strategy, the family/friends propose a course of action, offering to help the addicted person connect with a rehab center or a clinician.

Drug and alcohol interventions do not have to be confrontational.

Those who prefer a less confrontational intervention can find help through Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT). This approach equips the support system with professional training about information about treatment options, the process of treatment, and life after treatment. It also focuses on behavioral changes in the home for the family to improve the odds of long-term success.

If someone you love and care about is struggling with the disease of addiction, do something before it is too late.

Drug and alcohol interventions are not one-size-fits-all. Regardless of the approach you may take, intervention is a serious step. There is success in intervention. Find the approach that best fits your situation and commit to your plan.

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