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Storytelling is one of our strongest connections to other people.

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Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, following someone else’s narrative often helps us look at our lives more clearly. Film is a particularly powerful medium for this and can help provide new perspectives for wellness.

Documentaries to Motivate Your Recovery

Inspiration presents in numerous ways. Sometimes watching documentaries of people changing their lives, rising up from difficult circumstances, beating the odds to achieve goals, and taking positive action bolsters your intent to make a better life. Here are just a few to enjoy.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
Joe Cross loved to party as a high-powered businessman. He ate a lot, drank a lot, and slept little. He developed various chronic health conditions and followed a complicated daily prescription medication regimen. He was also considerably overweight. So Cross embarked on a chronicled journey of a 60-day, medically-supervised juice fast. The success of his effort sparked a second film, a multi-international business, and hundreds of thousands of people followed in his footsteps. Go to this site to watch both films for free.

Horse trainer Buck Brannaman’s early years as a child rodeo performer were shadowed by a violent, abusive father with a severe alcohol problem. With the help of a loving foster family, Brannaman became the famous “horse whisperer,” whose actions inspired a novel by Nicholas Evans and a movie directed by and starring Robert Redford. Brannaman’s skill with horses denounces the “breaking” concept and instead reinforces trust, communication, and love. His international clinics, books, and DVDs help other people develop nurturing, healing relationships with their animals.

Generation Found
When citizens in Houston discovered the epidemic of addiction endlessly robbed their young people of healthful, productive lives, they galvanized resources to evoke positive change. This film follows an unprecedented journey, which involves a support network from school counselors to oil industry executives, church leaders to retired football players, to “build the world’s largest peer-driven youth and family recovery community” and sober high schools. From the creators of The Anonymous People: A Groundbreaking Documentary on Addiction and Recovery is a story with resources and action steps that any dedicated group could use.

This documentary explores “life’s greatest emotion.” After all, you can measure depression, so why not happiness? The film follows cultures all over the world to understand how we add to our happiness, what tools people use to make happiness a priority, and other aspects of this seemingly elusive emotion. Released 10 years ago, it’s sparked an entire happiness movement, including social media communities and a 28-day program to help people make happiness “the center of their lives.”

The Shift
How do you develop meaning in your life? How do you become connected not only to others around you, but also the society at large? What does it mean to create positive change?

As Nate Howard, an educator and poet featured in this film said, “Change is not fighting the old, but finding the power to fight for the new?” At first, this documentary may have nothing to do with recovery. But as you listen to the messages, you’ll discover you belong to something much larger than yourself, and that awareness encourages a proverbial “shift” in your mindset that lets you accomplish your goals.

Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In
The mission of The Representation Project believes in using documentaries for cultural transformation through understanding damaging gender stereotypes. Founded by Jennifer Siebel Newsom when she created her first film, Miss Representation, the organization specializes in education and social action. Both films deal with the complications and limited expectations of assumed female and male roles, and how these problems lead to greater personal and societal challenges. Many viewers identify with the story profiles in these documentaries and understand how some circumstances may be underlying issues in their lives. Coming to terms with these issues allows for more opportunities for healing.

Support and Inspiration from Twin Lakes

Our inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, as well as our continuing care group, allow you to not only add to your motivation for sobriety, but also create an inspirational path other people may choose to follow.

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