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how to live a sober lifestyle - woman at sunset - twin lakes recovery centerI found out the hard way that recovery is a lifetime commitment.

After my first rehab experience, I thought it would be easy to live a sober lifestyle. I was so wrong.

The choices I made after that first stint in rehab went against everything I now believe. I continued to socialize with a crowd of drinkers and users, believing I could stay sober even if they couldn’t. I believed I had the power and the willpower to be in these situations without experiencing cravings and without “wanting” to partake in their activities. To no surprise, it wasn’t long before I relapsed and returned to rehab and then a sober living environment.

Now four years sober, my goal is to talk with newly recovered women on how to live a sober lifestyle.

I don’t admit to knowing it all, but I can share my experience. Hanging out with your old crowd may seem possible at first, but the minute a life change (good or bad) happens, those not working a solid 12-Step program can easily relapse.

So, yes, I am a 12-Step believer because I’ve seen the miracles happen not only for myself, but for those in my home-group as well. I worried early in sobriety about how to live a sober lifestyle, and with that I worried if I’d be happy living that lifestyle. The great news is you don’t have to worry, because it is possible and you can be happy. As I share with others who are suffering from the disease of alcoholism, it’s the simple changes that can impact us the most.

First, take a deep breath and rely and lean on the power of the program to help you through this delicate time or early sobriety.

Find a 12-Step group that you can relate to – whether age- or gender-specific. Go to as many meetings as possible and get involved with the social aspect of the fellowship. Within these meetings, friendships cultivate, trust is developed, and life-long relationships are built. You’ll begin to learn how to live a sober lifestyle just by listening to your peers’ stories of courage, strength and hope. Soon you’ll begin to implement some of the tools they have used to stay sober.

Living a sober lifestyle is possible. The “how to” live a sober lifestyle will evolve with patience, the fellowship, and becoming true to yourself. First, you have to want to really want to be sober. If you do, get to a meeting and learn from those who have seen the miracles.

If you are looking to turn your life around and discover the possibilities in sobriety, contact Twin Lakes drug rehab near Decatur, Georgia, at (877) 958-0778.