Addiction, Personality Disorders, and Trauma

9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Twin Lakes Recovery Center ATHENS
723 Baxter Street, Suite C
Athens, GA 30605

Presented by: Donna Johnson, JD, CAS, ICADC, ICCJP, ICCDP, LADC
Working with substance use disorders also requires professionals address other disorders common with substance use disorders.
This training will focus on addiction, personality disorders and trauma and will provide information on assessment and multi-modality treatment models. We will also discuss new information around brain-based therapy and how this approach can provide treatment alternatives. Personality disorders have historically been challenging for professionals. This training will discuss ways to reframe those symptoms and recommended treatment modalities. Trauma and assessment and treatment models will also be discussed and featured. We will also discuss how some of the skills of Polyvagal and Neuroception and can be helpful in teaching coping skills to reduce the state of fear and helping regulate emotions.
  • Pending Approval: LPCA, GSCSW
  • Registration: $65 – Lunch Included