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top ten sober activities for families - family camping - twin lakes recovery centerWhen people first get clean and sober, they often think that life will be boring.

They cannot imagine having any fun without being high or drunk. But real fun in life comes to us when we are aware of what we are doing and make conscious choices that we will remember. There are many ways to have fun with your family, and they will enjoy it even more now that you are clean and sober!

Here are some ideas:

  • Movie Night – Go out to a movie together, or have a movie night at home. Lay a sheet out on the living room floor and make up a tray of snacks, letting the kids skip dinner. (Include some healthy snacks on the tray). It will be a treat for them to eat in the living room, and a treat for you to skip cooking dinner.
  • Hiking – Look for hiking locales where you live or within driving distance. Throw on some hiking boots or sneakers and go for an adventure with the ones you love. Bring a camera and take some pictures!
  • Join a gym – Go to the gym with your family. Even if your children are young, there are plenty of activities that you can do together, and gyms are open in all kinds of weather. The YMCA is a great place to be a member. If funds are tight due to problems that arose due to your addiction, fret not. The YMCA has a scholarship program that allows people to become a member and pay according to income. The YMCA offers all kinds of classes, from swimming to yoga to competitive sports. They accommodate people of all ages. You can time it so that you can take a class you enjoy while your children are in a class they enjoy. They even have childcare if you would like to take a class with your spouse.
  • Grow a garden – Even if you live in an apartment, you can try growing some vegetables, herbs, or fruit trees indoors. Save old egg cartons (the cardboard ones) for growing your plants from seed. Simply sprinkle some dirt into each egg holder, sprinkle two to three seeds in each compartment, then cover them with dirt. Close the egg container to keep the moisture in, and water it occasionally to keep it moist. Once the seeds begin to sprout, open the lid and place it in a sunny area. When the plants have reached a few inches in height, they will be ready to plant outside. Because cardboard egg cartons are biodegradable, you can break off each section plant the whole thing in the dirt. Gardens are a good way to bond with your family, get some sun and exercise, and eat healthy foods. Watch and see how proud your children will be when their plants produce fruits and vegetables for the family to enjoy!
  • Try new recipes – Looking for and trying new recipes can be a lot of fun. Everyone eats, and if you are a parent you have to cook anyway, so why not involve the kids and your partner? Children enjoy playing with food, and trying a new recipe is a good way to teach them how to cook. Planning meals together and eating as a family brings everyone closer.
  • Do a project together – This can be anything from building a birdhouse to remodeling a room. Get the entire family involved. You can learn something new, and everyone has their strengths to add. Figure out everyone’s strong points (electronics, art, following instructions), and the project will be fun and turn out great!
  • Try a new activity – Do something new that you have never done before, or have not done for a long time. You could ice skate, ride horses, go skiing, or learn to canoe. Getting out there and doing something new is exhilarating, and you can get lots of laughs from watching each other’s learning attempts!
  • Go to the zoo – Most children love the zoo. You may also have nature preserves to visit in your area, where families can learn about local ecology and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.
  • Go on an adventure – Take out a map or look up an area online, and go visit a town or city because you like the name. Let the entire family participate in choosing where to go and how to get there. It’s a great way to see someplace new, learn new things, and spend time with the people you love.

In recovery, it is important to incorporate having fun into your daily life. Get creative, make plans, and go enjoy the world with your family!

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