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painting recovery treatment busy paintingLiving a sober lifestyle does not mean your life has to be dull or boring. You may discover that your life is more exciting without drugs or alcohol. You may have more energy and mental clarity to enjoy rewarding activities that benefit your physical health and emotional health. Knowing you have something to look forward to each day can keep you motivated to continue with your recovery and help you stay busy.

Whatever you decide to do to keep busy can be beneficial in your recovery. If you find yourself prone to boredom, creating a daily routine can make it easier to stay active.

The following five activities are sure to break the boredom and help you get the most out of your recovery:

  1. Exercise. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is an excellent way to keep busy and stay fit. The options are endless: go for a daily walk or run, join a gym, attend a group fitness class, or take up a new sport.
  2. Be creative. Being creative is a fulfilling and therapeutic way to fill the time. From painting to photography, tapping your creative side can help you release emotions and maybe even result in a product that you feel proud of. If you’re not sure where to start, try taking a class at a local arts center.
  3. Give back. You can give back by helping those in need in your local community. You might volunteer at a local animal shelter, serve food at a homeless shelter, help out at a school or church, or spend time with those in a nursing home. It can be especially rewarding to give back in your recovery community by attending support group meetings and eventually becoming a sponsor.
  4. Take on a house project. Beautifying your surroundings can boost your mood and keep you busy. Focus on one project at a time so you do not feel overwhelmed. Start small, such as painting a room or redecorating a certain area of your home. Adding a pop of color or a piece of new art (maybe your own!) can change the look of a room and give your spirits a lift.
  5. Read books. You can open your mind to endless possibilities each time you pick up a book. You can find books on any subject and join a book club, in person or online, that can connect you with others who want to discuss what you are reading.

Why Boredom Can Be Dangerous in Recovery

Not having something to look forward to each day can be dangerous for those in recovery. Boredom can make you feel lonely or depressed and put you at risk for relapse. When you have nothing to focus on or to keep busy, you may be tempted to use drugs or alcohol to fill the void. You may even fill the void when you are bored by turning to a substitute addiction, like video gaming or shopping. If you learn to recognize triggers and find ways to combat cravings when they occur, you are more likely to prevent relapse.

You do not have to struggle alone. Many recovery centers offer continued care after treatment. You may also find it helpful to attend support group meetings with others who share the same experiences as you.

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